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Tuesday, 16 October 2018

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A roulette strategy site that gives you the ins and out on different roulette strategies, that will boost your edge against the house. Here you will find detailed explanations about the different tactics you can use against the casino and learn how to implement them. Learn all about martingale, Fibonacci, Flat betting and master the different betting techniques at the roulette table.

Here you will also find reviews of online casinos that we think bring great value for online roulette players. Read what they have to offer in terms of roulette bonuses and what kind of roulette games they have. If you did not know this, there are online casinos that offer Live roulette with real croupiers and roulette tables.

So stick around and read interesting articles and facts about the great game of roulette.

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online roulette table

Choose online Roulette and its benefits

It is well known that roulette at all times has been one of the most preferred games. This makes individuals experience the brightest emotions caused by large prizes and losses. The founder of the roulette isn’t exactly determined, however the majority of public sources say that the game appears to

mini roulette

Difference Between Mini Roulette and a Traditional Game

There exist numerous gambling games, and among the most popular gambling games would be roulette. The background of roulette was long, during several centuries various new types of roulette were created, and mini roulette is one of the youngest varieties. Down below you would read about roulette’s origin, about the difference


Latest casino reviews

88% Rating
Thrills casino roulette games

Thrills casino roulette review

Thrills casino with its clean design an easy navigation is a user friendly experience. All games are divided in sections so it’s very easy to find the roulette tables, you can also just search for them in  the search bar by typing “roulette”. The website


Starting your journy in online roulette strategy

Here we highlight the basics, which every new player should know before playing online casino roulette. First of all decide which exact roulette type you are going to play. It is quite simple to see the difference between American and European wheel types. Both wheel kinds have red and black slots with numbers from 1 to 36 and a green slot with zero, but the American wheel has one more green slot with two zero sign. Because of this difference the game of American roulette is not considered to be very winning, buy in spite of this fact not only Americans but also people worldwide adore this casino game. The main rules are following: a croupier invites players to put chips in any part of the roulette table and throws a tiny ball. The ball begins to spin and absolutely randomly falls in any slot compartment. The dealer calls this lucky number and puts a special market on the table. All lose out chips are taken away in favor of casino house edge and players continue to make stakes again.

Positive or negative roulette results

Positive or negative game results mainly depend upon the way you put the bets. To understand all secrets of successful betting read about different strategies, which are often applied by professionals. According to some of them players double bets in case of losses, while others strategies imply betting following certain line of numbers. We will not advert you any of the casino roulette strategy, because everything is very individually. You risk your money and only you have to make the final choice. Anyway, being informed concerning roulette strategies fundamentals is not enough, you will need long hours of practice. For this purpose you can benefit from free casino roulette. These casino roulette games can be found without problems. Everything you will be asked to do is to sing up the site to continue casino roulette gambling.

The next step

The next step on a way to successful roulette betting is to play live casino roulette. The game process is managed by a live dealer, so you will hear and see everything on the screen by your own eyes with a help of video window. Moreover you will have an opportunity to contact with the dealer and other casino members or discuss the course of this game. The most important thing you should remember is that the best roulette casino is a half of success. While wagering at reputable portals you will not worry about the safety of money deposit and the ways to take away winnings, all your thoughts will be concentrated on a game process which is more important. After you have tried all variants of casino gambling, download roulette casino version on your mobile device to play your favorite game any free moment you have, for example waiting in long traffic jams. Ultimately, play casino roulette every day until you feel yourself enough prepared to compete with professionals in various roulette tournaments. Raise the level of your gambling proficiency to become real professional.